This is my personal blog site, pulling together material I’ve published over the last couple of decades. Some of the blogs were originally reports, book chapters and white papers so are perhaps a bit longer than is normal.

About me

I’m an engineer who specialises in data. I’ve been CTO of a couple of startups and I run my own consultancy company. I do mostly tech strategy and architecture work, but I still like to get my hands dirty and write software (these days in Python/Cython and Node.js). All my work centres around data – everything from data architecture to formal ontology and data science.

I used to run an Enterprise Architecture conference called Integrated-EA, and some of the material on this site originated in my IEA blog.

I’m into tech (obv), guitars, classic cars and snowboarding. I occasionally make guitar effects pedals, and have the soldering iron burns to prove it.

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