Simple Guide to Enterprise Architecture

This is a very old paper (from 2006) so please be kind. It’s also a bit long for a blog. I’ve only re-published because to this day I still get asked about this paper, and it’s also been cited in a number of other papers. The practice of enterprise architecture (EA) is about informing the business decision making process by understanding how complex organisations are structured, how they function, and what technology supports those functions. It would be wrong to

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Enterprise Architecture Maturity Dashboard

Another really old paper (2006) but one that I still get asked about. I wrote this whilst under contract to Cornwell Management Consulting (later became Serco Consulting) for one of their clients who wanted to use the Zachman Framework, but didn’t know where to start. Looking back on this now (2019) it all looks rather na├»ve. What is Enterprise Architecture ? Organisations develop an enterprise architecture (EA) to inform the decision making process. By understanding how complex organisations are structured,

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